Spa Retreat
Allow 4 hours
     Full Body Massage, Botanical Facial, Salt Glow, and Spa Pedicure

Tranquility Day
Allow 3 hours and 30 minutes
     Thalasso Wrap, Traditional Pedicure, and Botanical Facial

Revitalizing Day
Allow 3 hours
     Full Body Massage, Traditional Manicure, and Botanical Facial

Solitude I
Allow 2 hours
     Full body Massage & Botanical Facial

Solitude II
Allow 2 hours
     Salt Glow & Botanical Facial

Couples Massage
Allow 1 hour
Massage for two people, performed together

Allow 2 hours
     Botanical Facial & Spa Pedicure

Head-to-Toe II
Allow 1 hour
     Botanical Facial & Foot Massage performed together

Executive Rescue
Allow 2 hours and 15 minutes
     Full Body Massage and Spa Manicure

Serenity Day
Allow 1 hour
     Half Hour Facial and Half Hour Massage

Personalize your Individual Packages
Bridal Packages Available

Note: Depending upon availability, all package services may not be able to be booked on the same day.